Elemental Medical Weight Loss Clinic Corporate Wellness Programs
Elemental Medical Weight Loss Clinic Corporate Wellness Programs

Clinically proven weight loss care means healthier, more productive employees.

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Elemental Weight Loss Clinic

Corporate Wellness

Reducing the number of sick days, FMLA absences and raising the general level of wellbeing for your organization is a complex, time consuming issue. Adding Elemental Weight Loss Clinic to your Corporate Wellness program can make a big difference with very little time commitment. Our services come at no cost to you—we do not charge your organization and can offer volume based discounts for our services.

Elemental Medical Weight Loss Clinic Corporate Wellness Programs
  • Our Programs may already be covered by your insurance plan. We will work with you to help make it affordable to your employees.
  • No cost or contractual obligation to become a corporate wellness partner!
  • Give your employees access to clinically proven weight loss care
  • Save on health related expenses

Want healthier, more productive employees? Start by offering your employees comprehensive, clinically proven weight loss care delivered by Elemental Weight Loss Clinic.

How does this work?

Contact us today and we will quickly set up a Corporate Wellness program at no cost to you. We request that you advertise the program in your common areas (breakrooms, elevators, bulletin boards, etc.) and send out our email notification provided for you. We also recommend quarterly “lunch and learns” where we will educate your workforce on topics like nutrition, exercise, stress and improving sleep. No cost to you, no formal contracts, just a verbal agreement to promote the services, renewed yearly.

Elemental Medical Weight Loss Clinic Corporate Wellness Programs

Still not convinced? Consider this:

  • An overweight employee costs an employer over $4,000 more per year in health care and related costs than an employee who is of normal weight
  • Someone who is overweight is more likely to file a short term disability claim
  • Overweight workers miss more work days: an average of 1-2 additional absences per year compared to normal weight workers

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We want to partner with you to make your employees healthier! We can manage programs to help incentivize your employee’s weight loss by tracking participation and monitoring outcomes. Save your company money, contact us today!

Dr. Williams and Elemental Weight Loss Clinic have partnered with many local employers to improve the health of San Antonio. She has had educational events at VIA, CPS Energy, Nationwide and Dahill just to name a few. Call today to learn how our team can improve the health of your business!

Elemental Medical Weight Loss Clinic Corporate Wellness Programs

CPS Energy

The Wellness team at CPS Energy knows the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and its potential positive impacts on safety. Dr. Megan Williams Khmelev at Elemental Weight Loss Clinic presented valuable information to our employees that explained just how wellness (specifically healthy weight) can positively impact safety at work and at home. We have received positive feedback from our workforce about the information that Dr. Williams presented. Her inspiring message described how those struggling with weight issues can gain control and take charge of their health to improve their overall wellbeing and safety.  We appreciate her assistance!

Ashley Storrie, Wellness Program Manager for CPS Energy

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