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We specialize in medically supervised weight loss options. We are on a mission to help our patients overcome their struggles with weight and live happier and healthier lives. We recognize that each patient is unique and that there is no one size fits all solution for weight loss, and we design a custom program based on the individual needs of each patient.

  • Same Day and Walk In appointments available!
  • Our medical weight loss programs may be covered under your insurance plan. Call and speak to our insurance specialist to see if we accept your insurance.
  • We offer full range of highly effective, evidence based, affordable weight loss solutions.
  • Our focus is on helping you improve your health by achieving sustainable long term weight loss.

Why choose Elemental Weight Loss Clinic? Two simple reasons: It’s Elemental.

Our Program

Our approach is scientifically proven to work and has helped thousands of people to successfully lose weight. What makes our program different is that it recognizes the role that the elements of good health—sleep, nutrition, exercise and mental well-being—all play in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Our People

We are an all-star team of licensed medical professionals who are passionate and committed to helping you and our community get healthier. Elemental Weight Loss’s program is the product of our team’s passion to help our patients achieve healthier and happier lives.

Elemental Weight Loss Clinic
Elemental Weight Loss Clinic

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Elemental Weight Loss Clinic

Sandra E. Lost 26 LBS!

Elemental’s weight loss program helped me gain control of my life. The program was a true, complete lifestyle change. Elemental’s patient education modules made me become actively conscious of what I ate—something I was really terrible at. They helped me formulate an exercise routine with activities that *I* found enjoyable. By following the program closely and attending support groups it became easier for me to incorporate changes and achieve a healthier lifestyle.

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Elemental Weight Loss Clinic

We Offer Customizable Program Options

Your body and your relationship with food, is unique. We start by understanding your goals and challenges losing weight that you had in the past. Next, we gather a complete medical history including your body composition analysis, EKG and labs to help us identify potential root causes for your weight gain and if you may have any medical conditions that we would need to monitor in conjunction with your weight loss program. From all of this information we will tailor a treatment plan that is specific to you.

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Elemental Weight Loss Clinic

Vasilina B. Lost 25 LBS!

Initially, I was very stubborn and avoided trying to incorporate the program into my daily life. The decreased portions of food often left me hungry. This sense of hunger began to dissipate as very quickly I started to see myself dropping the pounds. It was so exciting: I was actually losing weight! As my weight loss journey with Elemental Weight Loss continued I discovered my love of cooking. I began to cook consistently and boy, did the weight shoot off like a rocket.

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